St Georges History

St Georges History

The History of the Lodge of St Georges dates back to 1780, where the first meeting was at the Red Lion Inn, Doncaster, which still stands to this day.

First Attempt

The first known attempt to establish Masonry in Doncaster was when a Bro. Hassell was approached by three gentlemen named Parker, Kay and Kerside, with a view to the formation of a lodge in Doncaster. Brother Hassell approached a Lodge in Rotherham names the Druidical Lodge No. 109 on the 27th August 1779. For some unknown reason, however, the petition was postponed when the Lodge met on the 24th September and at the next meeting held on 22nd October, Bro. Hassell withdrew the petition.

Eumeration YearLodge Number

The Lodge Numbers

Between the London Grand Lodge being formed in 1713 and 1770 many Lodges working under its jurisdiction lapsed and ceased to exist and their names were removed from the Grand Roll of Lodges leaving gaps making the Roll very untidy. Grand Lodge decided to close up the names of Lodges remaining and number them consecutively.